Abolish the Border Patrol and replace it with a new Border Security Agency

The Border Patrol keeps deploying its agents miles and miles from the border thinking this is really doing something to enhance border security.

The joke is you can find the Border Patrol everywhere but at the actual border.

They shouldn’t even be called the “Border” Patrol since they have expanded their mission to including driving around between Hell and Gone hoping to catch an illegal entrant who happens to be wandering down the road.

The problem with the current border security effort is it places a lot of resources into catching illegal entrants AFTER they illegally cross the border. You could have a million Border Patrol agents scattered all over the country and still not make a dent in the problem.

Just throwing more money at the existing Border Patrol to buy more trucks and to hire more people to drive the trucks around the countryside tens of miles from the border is not working.

The first thing Congress ought to do is call the existing Border Patrol management into a hearing and dig out what they are doing and not doing. Ask the Border Patrol on any given day how many of their agents are within 1 mile of the border? Five miles from the border? And so on. Lets actually see where they are deployed.

Then ask the Border Patrol to concentrate its agents within 10 miles of the border, mostly right at the line.

If they come up with a lot of excuses why this can’t be done, then it becomes obvious we need a new team running our border security effort.

We could start by abolishing the Border Patrol and establishing a new Border Security Agency.

The Border Security Agency should be mandated to stopping illegal entry at the border. Not chasing illegal entrants around the country after the fact.

A beefed up version of ICE could be tasked with gathering up illegal entrants already in the country and cracking down on employers who hire undocumented workers.

The reason for starting from scratch is there is a mentality embedded within the Border Patrol’s senior management that only they know what to do, and anyone who questions their failed “layered defense” strategy is uninformed.

Sorry, but I among a lot of other people have significant experience with border security issues.

And millions of illegal entrants already in the country is proof the Border Patrol has failed.

The whole point of border security needs to focus on stopping illegal entry of people and drugs at the border.

Secure the border at the border.


About Hugh Holub

Attorney and writer.
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