Battling the border bandits

The recent murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry by allegedly a band of border bandits has brought attention to the existence of this problem to the world outside the borderlands.

As reported by Brandy McCombs of the Arizona Daily Star recently:

Bandits, around for a long time, now so bold they threaten chaos

Aggression escalating in border marauders

Bandits such as the ones Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was trying to apprehend last week when he was shot and killed have been around for decades but have become more brazen in recent years, law enforcement officials say.

And it has become the Border Patrol’s job to police these groups to make sure that chaos doesn’t engulf Arizona’s stretch of U.S.-Mexico border.



Every day people are crossing our border illegally seeking work.

And every day some of these people are being robbed and raped by bandits that stalk the Arizona borderlands.

Over 50 attacks on immigrants have been reported in the Nogales area by the Nogales International.

It was just a question of when there would be an armed confrontation between the bandits, or armed drug smugglers, and the Border Patrol.

It is a positive thing that the Border Patrol had tasked its BORTAC units into bandit infested country to try and protect the immigrants.

As noted in the Star article:

That means Terry, a 40-year-old agent from Michigan, likely died performing the “savior” part of the Border Patrol’s “hunter and savior” mission. While the agency’s primary objective is stopping illegal immigrants and drug smugglers from making it north, the agency devotes considerable time and resources to rescuing illegal immigrants in distress and keeping armed and increasingly dangerous bandits in check.

“The Border Patrol is out there to prevent people from getting killed,” said Anthony Coulson, a recently retired assistant special agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Tucson office. “Even if they are partly responsible for putting themselves in this situation, there are people out there that you have an obligation to protect. It’s the right thing to do. It’s the humanitarian thing to do.”

There are “rape trees” along the border where bandits rape female illegal immigrants.

Meanwhile some of the “coyotes” lead their “pollos” into Arizona telling them Phoenix is just a few hours walk away. The coyotes lie and the immigrants die horrible deaths in the desert. The coyotes are murderers.

So what is being done about the robbery, rape and murder of illegal immigrants?

The Border Patrol is using its BORTAC units to try and  stop the bandit activity. But the BORTAC approach is not enough to deal with what’s going on in our borderlands.

It was only when one of the Border Patrol agents was killed that the problem brought in law enforcement officials…in this case the FBI.

But the broader problem of border banditry cannot be solved solely by deploying BORTAC.

Here’s why….

When a  border bandit victim reports their problem, the Border Patrol turns the investigation over to the local police…and since most of this criminal activity is in the rural areas, that means the county sheriffs.

The Border Patrol is not a primary law enforcement agency. The crimes against illegal immigrants are state law violations…the Border Patrol doesn’t deal with rape, robbery or murder of illegal immigrants…they just deal with illegal entry and drug smuggling. They don’t have the facilities or training to investigate crimes of rape, robbery or murder.

The county sheriff’s are understaffed to deal with border crime.

And the cooperation between the Border Patrol and local law enforcement leaves a lot to be desired when the primary goal of the Border Patrol is to deport illegal aliens …even if they are victims of crime…whereas local law  enforcement needs the victims here so they can go forward with investigations and prosecutions of border crime.

There is no exception in our laws about criminal activity. If an illegal immigrant is robbed or raped or murdered inside the United States, they have the same rights for justice as an American citizen. Illegal immigrants have human rights.

What is needed is a joint task force of the Border Patrol, county sheriffs and county prosecutors in  Pima, Cochise and Santa Cruz counties to attack crime against illegal immigrants. Federal funding in support of this task force is essential.

This task force needs to focus on the bandit gangs robbing and raping illegal immigrants.

This task force also needs to target the coyotes that lie to immigrants about the dangers of trying to walk 3 or 4 days through our deserts. Some of these coyotes should be prosecuted as the murderers they are.

Illegal immigrants who are victims of these crimes should not be immediately deported, but allowed to stay in the US in protective custody so they can testify at the trials of the criminals who attacked them.

The crimes against illegal immigrants need to be confronted and stopped.

And the really sad thing about all the crime against illegal immigrants….reports are that virtually all of these crimes are committed by Hispanics against Hispanic immigrants.

Over and over one hears…”why are our people doing this to us?”

Because we are letting this happen.

Now that a lot of attention is being paid to the border bandit problem…lets do more than just hunt down the bandits that murdered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.


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