Dear Janet Napolitano…come down and visit the border without your guides from the Border Patrol and see what’s really going on

Cherlyn Strong lives south of Patagonia a few miles north of the Border. She has a stunning article in the Citizen Saturday about her experiences on the border.

Ed Ashurst lives north of the border over in Cochise County. I posted his story about life on the border Saturday.

David Morales (Three Sonorans) has been getting the border story from the vantage point of our Hispanic community.

Previously I’ve posted stories about the lives of other ranchers on the border, including a recent report that drug cartel scouts are camped on top of one of the mountains on this side of the border west of Nogales.

I’ve also shared the border experiences of residents between Nogales and Tubac on the Citizen.

We have an aid worker staying with us who goes out every day into the borderlands to provide first aid and water to crossers in trouble. The other day a documentary film crew interviewed this guy and another aid worker who also goes out into the desert to help immigrants. While the Border Patrol is flying around in helicopters and driving around in trucks, aid workers are  daily bandaging the feet of migrants and often calling the Border Patrol to rescue those who cannot go any farther without dying.

Did you ever wonder how many illegal entrants are spotted by local residents and called into the Border Patrol? Do you know what the response of the Border Patrol has been to all these calls?

Did you ever wonder how come aid workers are finding immigrants in trouble and calling the Border Patrol? Their apprehensions are down, but aid workers are still finding undocumented immigrants daily.

The other day you claimed that things must be getting better on the border because apprehensions are down.

We border residents invite you or one of your staff  to take a tour of the borderland without your Border Patrol guides and meet the real people who are dealing with the border problems on a day-to-day basis. Get out of the “bubble” of managed information  you are surrounded in.

I can think of a dozen places right now you could see and people you could meet who will assure you that the traffic of undocumented immigrants has not been reduced. The traffic has only been moved to more rugged country to avoid the Border Patrol. We can probably encounter a bunch of illegal immigrants.

The Mexican drug cartel is seeking to gain control of the Mexican side of the Arizona border. We  can have you meet the ranch family whose ranch was attacked by the cartel in May when one of their cowboys was murdered. Their ranch is just west of Nogales.

We can take you to the ranch where drug cartel scouts are perched on a US mountaintop guiding their convoys of illegal drugs around your Border Patrol agents. There are reports of drug cartel scouts all over the region now.

The other day a neighbor spotted a cartel guy with a pack train of mules in the Santa Rita Mountain foothills east of Tubac. The cartel guy had a gun hanging on his back. The neighbor runs cattle on several ranches east of Tubac and he can give you an earful about what’s going on right now over there.

You can meet the aid workers who are out in the desert every day encountering undocumented workers hiking for days to reach their pickup points. The aid workers can show you where some of these pickup points are…piles of backpacks discarded. And they will ask how how much of the $600 million for border security will go to providing humanitarian aid to reduce the deaths going on in our deserts daily.

We can show you a rape tree over by Arivaca.

Everywhere one goes in the borderlands the story is the same.

There are many undocumented workers still crossing the border into Arizona. And many of them get into trouble because they aren’t prepared for what they are walking into. The immigrants are being robbed and raped. They are dying in Arizona’s deserts. We have a major humanitarian crisis going on here.

There is also a growing threat of the drug cartel here.

Come on down to the border…not surrounded by the press and public information managers from DHS and BP….and see for yourself what is going on.

And while you are at it…on August 14th Thomas Morton…head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement was in Arizona and apparently did a fly-over of the border. Reports are that Border Patrol lined up at the border and put on a show. Ask where the Border Patrol stationed its agents that day.

There is something dreadfully wrong here. What people are telling you and what is going on at ground level are two different realities.

And people wonder why Arizonans are peeved.

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