Feds making a big mistake in secrecy over death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry

There is growing frustration in both the media and on the street down in Santa Cruz County over the total lack of any information about the killing of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry on December 14th.

For example, the following editorial from the Nogales International:

A policy of silence

….It’s frustrating because sometimes it doesn’t seem like there’s a rational reason behind the silence. Instead, federal law enforcement agencies like the Border Patrol, FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office appear to stonewall the public as a matter of general policy. Thank goodness, then, for state and local agencies that feel accountable to the public, and that are subject to state laws that require a certain level of transparency. If it weren’t for the Sheriff’s Office, along with Terry’s family and the Border Patrol agents’ union, we’d hardly know anything about this case.


The last “news” anyone got was that the Border Patrol’s BORTAC unit was out in Peck Canyon west of Rio Rico hunting for border banits, Terry was shot, 4 suspects were arrested and one got way presumably heading south.

So what are the names of the four suspects?

Where are they from?

What is their nationality?

What have they been charged with?

What is going on with the hunt for the fifth suspect?

How about some more information about the incident…was Agent Terry by himself or with other Border Patrol agents? Were the bandits armed with automatic weapons as claimed? Was Terry under any kind of orders to not shoot until shot at?

Ordinarily in any fatal incident involving a law enforcement agent there is lots of information available immediately.

In this case the incident is being managed by the FBI who has slapped a lid on the case.

The day after the shooting, since no one had any clue where the fifth suspect was going, people as far away from the site as Tubac were packing guns.

A week later the best information I could get about the manhunt from a law enforcement source was “maybe the guy went west”.

Ordinarily the countryside would have been plastered with wanted posters for the suspect. One assumes one of the four bandits that was captured is singing like a canary to try and save his sorry ass from riding the needle. One has to assume the feds know the name and everything else about this fifth suspect.

Why are we all being kept in the dark?

If folks don’t like speculation turning into viral blog rumors…some actual information would be really helpful.

Instead the feds have clammed up. That just fuels the speculation and misinformation going viral.

Why are the feds being so non-communicative here?


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