Green Valley News Reports Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was shot in the back

The Green Valley News has an excellent article about Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

In that article, the GV News reports some details about Agent Terry’s death….

Border Patrol agent had a life full of plans

….Carol Terry said the family was told that at about 11 p.m. Tuesday, the agents saw a group of five “pirates” approaching them in Peck Canyon. At first, it appeared the men weren’t armed, but at least two carried AK-47s, she said.

In the ensuing gunfight, Terry was shot in the back, the bullet piercing his protective vest and tearing through his pelvis. Although critically wounded, he was able to call for help, telling fellow agents that he had been shot. Then he lost consciousness. A team with an EMT arrived almost immediately, and a helicopter lifted Terry out of the area within minutes. But the damage was too great and he died in the helicopter en route to a hospital. Four of the suspects are in custody; a fifth remains at large. The FBI is handling the investigation.



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