Gun rights and gun responsibility

I am guessing most Americans are appalled when they realize that a person of dubious sanity can walk into a gun store in Tucson and buy a Glock 19 and extended ammo clips so one can kill 6 people and wound 14 others…and still have enough ammo to kill another 30 or 60 people.

On top of that anyone can conceal such a weapon and go just about anywhere they want…except on a university campus (which some Arizona state legislatures want to allow). is one thing to have the right to own a gun….but where does the right to own a gun run into the responsibility of actually buying and carrying weapons around?

To hear the Second Amendment folks argue…the more people carrying a gun the less likely a scene like what happened in Tucson would happen. Presumably, the argument goes, someone there at the grocery store could have pulled out his or her Glock 19 and shot Jared Loughner.

Let me ask each of you how many of you really think you’d know what to do if you were in a situation with a shooter like Loughner spraying a crowd with 9 mm bullets?

Would you really trust someone to know exactly what to do in a situation like that whose main claim to gun proficiency was their Second Amendment bumper sticker? I sincerely hope not.

Is the point of having the right to carry whatever weapon you want to buy really the right to be ready to go to the streets and fight off the UN take-over of America or some other nonsense spewed on the Web?

Is everyone just itching to be a modern Minuteman and defend our border or stop the left-wing takeover of the country?

I don’t see the Second Amendment advocates taking responsibility for arming the society… in fact they’ve done just the opposite when they got the training and licensing requirement voided for carrying a concealed weapon.

There is a lot of justification to requiring folks who want to walk around town with their gun to have some serious training about how and when to use that gun.

There is serious justification to trying to figure out how to keep guns out of the hands of crazy people…as well as street gangsters and others.

There is serious justification to asking just what kind of gun do you really need for home protection and safety?

It’s one thing to have the gun at home and quite another to go shopping packing your heat.

And I don’t really get why it is so important that everyone can buy a semi-automatic pistol. Does anyone hunt deer or coyotes with a Glock 19?

People are describing Arizona as Tombstone…the Wild West. One ought to remember that there was a very concerted effort to create a civil society with law enforcement so everyone in town wasn’t carrying a gun. Arizona grew and prospered in that civilized setting.

It should not surprise anyone that Sheriff Clarence Dupnik (as many law enforcement folks) question the situation where anyone can buy any kind of gun they want and carry it wherever they want in this state.


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Attorney and writer.
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