How would you deport 11 million illegal aliens?

Some people commenting on this site have suggested deporting the 11 million or so illegal aliens already in the country.

SB 1070 is supposedly one means to increase the number of law enforcement agents trying to identify and apprehend illegal aliens.

Have you considered how many federal, state and local law enforcement agents it would take to find the 400,000 or so illegal aliens just in Arizona?

Do you have any idea what this would involve on a national level?

What are you going to do about families where the children of illegal aliens were born in the US and are citizens?

How are you going to round up 11 million people? Who is going to be tasked with this effort? Will local police be called on to do this? Or would the military need to be involved?Would hundreds of thousands of people need to be “deputized” to accomplish the deportation?

 Think about how many people were hired to do the US Census…and that is just to count people and not their legal status.

Would everyone have to be “processed” to sort out who is here legally and who is not?

Where are you going to detain that many people while you are arranging transportation for them out of the country?

How are you going to transport them out of the country? Buses? Rail box cars? Fly them hone if they came from somewhere other than Mexico? Organize convoys of illegal aliens in their cars and trucks and escort them to the border?

Do you have any idea how much this would cost?

There is no practical way to deport 11 million people without stirring up the ultimate firestorm in this country.

Asking that the existing illegal aliens be deported is foolish and useless prattle  in the immigration debate.

Put your energies toward working on a consensus for immigration law reform to deal with the 11 million people already here, and on defining what “securing the border” really means.


About Hugh Holub

Attorney and writer.
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