Invade Mexico…again?

The more extreme advocates for border security suggest chasing Mexican drug cartel types down inside Mexico.

When cartelists are shooting at US Border Patrol and other folks from across the border, this is obviously tempting.

However, one needs to be aware of the history between the United States and Mexico. And that is not just about the war between Texas and Mexico in 1835 36  and the Mexican American war of 1846-48 when the US had troops in Mexico City.

One must first understand that due to conflicts between Texans and Americans between 1835 and 1848 Mexico lost half its territory to the US. In 1853 then Mexican President Santa Ana sold a piece of Sonora to the US (the Gadsden Purchase) for $10 million which he reportedly pocketed.

Besides those events, many US residents do not realize how many times Americans have invaded Mexico.

Between 1850 and 1860 there were campaigns called “filibusters” during which American citizens with private armies invaded Mexico in attempts to seize Sonora and Baja California.

One such “filibuster” attempt ended with the American invaders being rounded up in Caborca, Sonora and executed.

Over and over again once can hear laments that when the US made the Gadsden Purchase, we didn’t go far enough south to get a port on the Gulf of California.

It should not surprise anyone that Mexico takes an extremely dim view of what they call “American interventions”. By Mexican count, Americans have invaded Mexico 13 times.

Mexico is extremely sensitive to its sovereignty and its foreign policy is focused on preventing “interventions”.

There is even a national museum in Mexico City dedicated to the history of “interventions” into Mexico by everyone…French as well as Americans.

One of the great historic sites and national shrines in Mexico is Chapultepec Castle where cadets (Los Ninos Heroes) held off US army forced headed by General Winfield Scott in the Mexican War in 1847.

Chapultepec is to Mexico what the Alamo is to Texas.

There is a certain irony about the similarities between the border situation with drug cartel terrorists operating across the border in Mexico, and the Taliban hiding out in Pakistan now.

Like it or not, the US must respect Mexican sovereignty and assist Mexico however it wants assistance in fighting the drug cartels.


About Hugh Holub

Attorney and writer.
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