Is the effort to secure the border deliberately designed to fail?

There are a lot of people who live in the borderlands who are convinced that the federal government is deliberately trying to fail at securing our border.

Sadly, that suspicion keeps being confirmed.

For example, Ed Ashurst is a rancher over in Cochise County, and he sent out an email report to his friends, which I ended up rceiving via forwards.

From Ed Ashurst, Apache Arizona August 10, 2010:

On Wednesday August 4th I met with Supervisory Border Patrol Agent, Mark Monin. He had contacted me a few days earlier to discuss the possibility of using a high hill about a quarter of a mile south of Highway 80 at mile marker 400 to establish a camp for several National Guardsmen.

They wanted to establish an observation post complete with modern optics and night vision capabilities. The purpose of this post would be to aid Border Patrol agents in spotting and identifying illegal alien groups. The hill referred to is on deeded land so Agent Monin needed my approval to proceed with the plan.

My first response was to question his choice of this certain hill, it being quite high and steep, 4 or 5 hundred feet above the valley floor and having no established trail or road ascending to the summit. His response was that those obstacles could perhaps be overcome. I suggested a smaller hill on the opposite side of the highway with a road to the top and easily accessed. This seemed fine at the time and we agreed to proceed.

It seemed odd to me that the much talked about Guard was to be deployed 22 miles north of the border so I told Agent Monin that I had thought the guard was going to be sent right to the border itself. His response was that no suitable spot had been found to that point. They had looked at a hill on a ranch very near the border with a view extended 10 miles both east and west, but had decided against it because the (the Border Patrol, and National Guard) thought it would be too time consuming to get up and down it and it was a long way from town.

Actually it is closer to town than either of the hills he was interested in on my place, and it had a road and trail already established going up to the top. I didn´t get it. Picking a hill 22 miles north of the border with no access and limited view after passing up the chance to establish a lookout right on the border?

The rancher who controls the hill right on the border (we´ll call this Hill #1) pleaded with the Border Patrol to establish this new lookout there. The rancher has witnessed countless dope loads and outlaws cross the line within shouting distance of Hill #1 and was quite dismayed when they chose to go elsewhere. Hill # 1 is about 21 miles straight south of Hill #2 (the hill first mentioned at mile marker 400 on Highway 80).

Several days after my meeting with Agent Monin, a Ford F-150 pick-up with over 1000 pounds of Marijuana was found at the Fairchild Ranch. The pick-up had Sonoran plates and so overloaded with dope that both rear tires had  blown out. The driver escaped. The Fairchild Ranch where the pick-up was found is exactly half way between Hill #1 and Hill #2. Because of the lay of the land this truck could have never gotten north of Hill #1 undetected had there been an observation post established there. Actually in the first week of August there have been 3 drive-through loads of Marijuana pass through this same area, all easily detected from Hill #1. This isn´t counting the numerous loads going through that area on the backs of human mules.

To me the significance of this is profound. Why would the Border Patrol and our National Guard pass up an opportunity to establish a look out in an excellent spot right on the border, only to choose a spot of lesser quality 22 miles north of the border? Is this mere coincidence? In my opinion, “No.” It is planned and deliberate incompetence.


There are many theories why the effort to secure the border appears to be deliberately flawed.

Is is coming straight from the White House as some claim?

Or is it the result of a deeply embedded culture within the Border Patrol that resists any change from outside the agency?

Is it because Congress keeps handing over billions to Department of Homeland Security without holding them accountable, believing all the bs being spewed out by DHS about how much better things are in the borderlands?

Whatever, the National Guard is NOT being stationed at the border (at least in Cochise County) like we all thought.


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