Legalize drugs to bankrupt the cartels…Pfizer versus the Aztecas…the ultimate “smack down”.

A Commentary:

We as a country are either going to get really serious about stopping the smuggling of illegal drugs across our border, or we need to consider some other options.

The point is the flow of  illegal drugs is not being stopped at the border.

Once across the border  the ability to then intercept and seize illegal drugs goes way down.

Right now there is not enough effort to stop the flow at the line.  When and if there is a dramtic price increase of illegal drugs on American street corners, then we will know the effort to stop the flow of drugs and seize enough of them that got into the country is actually working.

Anyone care to guess if the price of street drugs is increasing due to US efforts to stop drug smuggling across our borders and federal state and local efforts to nab illegal drugs and drug deralers around the country?

Maybe besides the Dow Jones stock reports, price quotes for oil, natural gas, gold, silver and lean hogs…we need a nightly price index for what marijuana, cocaine, heroin, crack and meth are selling for on American streets. Track the price.

Second line of defense….if the drug cartels were declared as official “terrorist organizations” (they are not now) then drug smuggling is not just a criminal offense under ordinary state and federal law…it is aiding and abetting terrorism with lots more tools to use to raise the “risk premium” for smuggling..

I bet we have a nice little detention facility in Kazahkstan or somewhere really unpleasant where terrorist drug smugglers could be “rendered” to.

Failing to stop the flow of illegal drugs across our borders, and failing to raise the “risk premium” for drug smuggling by making it a part of terrorism law enforcement solutions…what’s the option?

As long as the drugs are illegal there are enormous non-taxable profits available. This attracts the criminals like Prohibition did. Prohibition gave us the Mafia. Illegal drugs and demand for illegal drugs has given us Columbia and the Mexican drug cartels.

There is obviously an enormous market for drugs in the US which fuels the whole terrorist drug smuggling problem. Can we convince Americans to quit buying marijuana, et al? Haven’t so far.

So how about taking the illegal profit out of the game?

If people want to kill themselves using drugs….go ahead… (I think this a Libertarian point of view) Take the moral equation out of the issue.

However, change the criminal laws to focus not on using drugs but on doing anything that endangers other people while the user is under the influence of drugs. Do anything while under the influence of drugs like driving, stealing stuff, whatever…..lock’em up and throw away the keys.

We could probably even pay for the necessary detenion facilities with a tax on legalized drugs

I think it would be very interesting if drugs were legal and the cartels had to compete with Pfizer or Glaxo and the other “pharmas“…. let capitalism solve the problem because the private sector is probably more ruthless in protecting its profits than the cartels….

Pfizer or Glaxo versus the Aztecas…. the ultimate “smack down”.

Just don’t let the “pharmas” advertise their legalized mind-bending drugs.


About Hugh Holub

Attorney and writer.
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