More blame to share on illegal immigration

Besides the demand for cheap goods and services that creates the jobs being filled by undocumented workers, another problem that has fueled illegal immigration and overstaying visas is our refusal to pay the real costs for the government we demand.

On one hand we hear constant demands to reduce taxes and the cost of government coming mostly from Republican circles.

On the other hand we hear calls for more Border Patrol, more National Guard, and more enforcement and security on the border with stuff ranging from actual fences, virtual fences, drones, and whatever.

Securing the border and developing a system to keep track of legal entrants in the country is going to cost a lot of money.

We can’t increase the cost of government to provide border security, and do all the other things people demand the government does (like not reduce Social Security benefits) and lower taxes at the same time.

We want it all, at a reduced price of government. We want to kick the crap out of al Qaeda. We want National Parks, We want our interstate highway system to not fall apart. We want Medicare to not be reduced. We want ….fill in what you want government to continue doing.

What federal government functions, projects, activity or services are you willing to give up (if you can’t support any kind of tax increase) to strengthen border security enforcement?

If you are willing to raise taxes, whose taxes should be increased?


About Hugh Holub

Attorney and writer.
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