Other Mexican nightmares and fantasies

More fuel for the blogosphere….

Some more paranoid right-wingers in this country think Mexicans are trying to create a new country out of the Southwest called Aztlan.  Actually the US Western states someday might secede and create Reaganland.

In the same realm of probability (meaning these are totally imaginary ideas)  I’d add the following:

Two Mexicos: One scenario I’ve heard from the Mexican side (over mas cerveza) is the country breaking in two…with the northern, more Americanized states like Sonora, Baja California, Nuevo Leon. Tamaulipis and Chihuahua creating their own country. Let’s call the new country Norteno or Republica de Sierra Madre.

One hears lots of grumbling in el noroesteabout the “capitalistas” (meaning Mexico City bureaucrats) and conflicts between northern Mexican state governments and Mexico City. The northern Mexican states have a lot of “unfunded federal mandates” from their capital, and they send taxes to Mexico City and don’t get enough funds back for their needs.

The northern states are more conservative and pro-business than the south (sort of the opposite of the US).

If Norteno was created, they’d probably make short work on the drug cartels and be much more supportive of good relations with the United States since their economies are so heavily intertwined with US border states.

5 Mexican state join US:Another scenario (the reverse of Aztlan) is  the 5 northern Mexican states petition to join the United States. This is not the same as schemes in the 1850-60 period when the US tried to annex northern Mexico.

This is a situation where the northen Mexican states get fed up with being governed by Mexico City and being left unprotected by the military, and decide to voluntarily join the United States.

Together the five states have about 20 – 30 million population.

Imagine US Republican Party politicians trying to deal with admitting Sonora and Chihuahua and Baja California and  Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipis to the Union.  For sure the Republicans would want to rename Tamaulipas to Tamale. Baja California they might go for to get some nice beaches.

Actually the northern Mexican states would beat out a number of southern states in economic strength.

And our border with the remaining Mexico would be much shorter. The US military could go in and wipe out the drug cartelistas in a few weeks without fussing with “sovereignty” issues that keep us from burning up the poppy fields in the Sierra Madre in that scenario.

In that scenario we’d also probably end up with fewer Mexicans living in the US than otherwise will be the case over the next 20 years.

Don’t doubt for a second that there are people in the federal government Mexico City who believe the US is scheming to annex the five northern Mexican states. The US has already tried several times. We’re not the only country with paranoid folks in power.

So why some worry about Aztlan, down south there are folks worrying about the US grabbing even more territory from Mexico through filibustering and annexation.


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