Some difficult issues in the “amnesty” debate

Hard liners about what to do with the 12 million illegal aliens inside the US want to boot everyone out, no exceptions.

Besides being physically impossible and prohibitively costly, a friend of mine posed some examples to consider:

Working father: A family of 4…father is here illegally but working and supporting his wife and 2 kids, all of whom are US citizens. He has no criminal record in Mexico or here, other than the misdemeanor of  illegal entry. If you boot the father out of the country, the wife and children end up on welfare. Do you boot this father out of the country?

Illegal wife: Woman was brought across the border as a child, grew up in the US and married a US citizen and how has children, all of whom are also citizens. She also has no criminal record except for illegal entry. She has no family in Mexico. Do you kick her out of the country and break up the family?

High school graduate. Kid was brought across as a small child, but went to school, got good grades, and is on the way to being a doctor or lawyer or teacher. The kid has no criminal record. The kid is as “American” as you or I in attitude  and English proficiency. Obviously an asset to America. Do you boot this kid out because of what his parents did in spite of clear evidence the kid is a keeper?


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