Texas border ranchers face same unsolved problems as Arizona’s border ranchers

Arizona’s border ranchers are not the ony folks along the border being overun by the illegal immigration and drug smuggling problem.

Here is a very interesting article describing the problems Texas ranchers face. Change the geographic locations and it is the same stuff that is going on along our border.

From The Cattleman published by the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association

Ranching No Man’s Land  by David Crosby

…A Hidalgo County rancher had this to say about coyotes, “Coyotes have GPS [global positioning systems] and cell phones, so they know where they are all the time. A coyote will walk his illegals into the ground. If they can’t keep up, he will just leave them. He doesn’t care. You will find them sometimes wandering the ranch and desperate for help to get back to a road so they can return home.”

As a consequence, illegal immigrants sometimes die on ranch property — some due to the elements, some to coyote violence, some to rape and robbery. The body count near the Rio Grande River is small — a Hidalgo County rancher will usually find only 1 or 2 bodies a year. Near Falfurrias, ranchers routinely find bodies on their property.

According to Vickers, who owns a ranch in the Falfurrias area, “In 2009, 71 bodies were found on ranches in the Falfurrias area. Since 2005, between 400 and 500 bodies were found.”


The great frustration for all residents of the borderlands…Arizona…Texas…is that for all the federal claims the border is “more secure than ever”  the reality on the ground is it is NOT !


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