The border and the immigration issues are not a simple story

There are many aspects to the border story:

For example……the Border Patrol thought that by sealing up the border in the cities that would discourage immigration…raising the “risk premium”.

All this accomplished was to create an economic benefit for the coyotes to charge more to smuggle illegal aliens into the US and run the immigrants into more and more rugged countryside. We have a lot more dead bodies in the desert as a result.

The coyote business and related support (selling backpacks…) has become a big business. Now, the drug cartels are moving into the immigrant smuggling business.

Then we have the growth of the drug cartels themselves. The demand for drugs in the US fuels this violent sector of the Mexican economy threatening the very existence of Mexico now.

Then on this side we have the vast increase in Border Patrol….and all their support services. This has also become a big economic engine.

If the US was actually successful in stopping illegal entry and land based drug smuggling that would trigger the loss of jobs for companies providing support services to the Border Patrol and the economic benefit created by smuggling drugs and illegal aliens  on both sides of the border.

Then there’s the story about the immigration fuss making Mexican immigrants the scapegoat of the month politically.  This is damaging trade and commerce between Arizona and Sonora.

Then there’s the story….will Brewer, Arpaio, Pearce et al succeed in distracting voters to the immigration issue instead of the real stuff that needs attention..

We’ll know fairly soon on that one in November.  The story is how GOP exploited fear to gain power. If they succeed it will spread nationally. The immigration fight is coming to your neighborhood.

Then there’s another story….do illegal immigrants have humanitarian rights? There is a lot of nasty stuff happening to the undocumented immigrants that the public seems to look the other way on.

Then there is  the “anchor baby” problem? Do undocumented immigrants really suck up welfare benefits? All the claims about the “problems” caused by illegal immigrants. What is the truth?

And then.. .who are the “illegal immigrants”?  Why did they leave their homelands?  What is life like for them in the US? Why do they risk death or being raped and robbed to come to the US to work in low paying jobs?

What does this say about the broader issues of America? Who is even an “American”? What are our core values? How does this relate to our core values?

The border is not simple, and illegal immigration is not simple. And neither are the solutions.


About Hugh Holub

Attorney and writer.
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