The Border is NOT Secure !!!

The news that Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry was shot and killed  Tuesday night December 14th after he encountered several suspects near Rio Rico is shocking.

But sadly is it not a surprise.

Drug smugglers and others have been shooting at Border Patrol agents for a long time.

Like has it dawned on anyone there are armed people running around the desert who have declared war on our federal state and local law enforcement people?

There are also reports of armed bandits roaming around the countryside robbing and raping illegal immigrants. There are 5o such incidents reported by the Nogales International this year in the area north and west of that city.

Indeed the border related violence is almost non-extistent in the urban areas along our border.

But out in the hinterlands it is a vastly different story. Especially west of Nogales.

Why is that happening?

Border fence ends west of Nogales


One only has to go down to the border where the fence and the roads end and see the rugged countryside that is still wide open to illegal entry of immigrants and drug smugglers. The photo above was taken where the fence ends about 3 mles west of Nogales. If you go to this spot you can see the trail illegal entrants and drug smugglers use to enter the US. The area west of Nogales over to Sasabe is  wide open for illegal entry and drug smuggling.

And it is obviously dangerous for the Border Patrol to be patrolling these areas in small numbers.

The failure to secure the border at the border exposes law enforcement and civilians to the danger of the armed gunmen and bandits out there.

The failure to secure the border also leaves the remote areas open to illegal immigrats who often get into serious trouble due to the heat and lack of water. The Pima County Medical Examiner is buried in bodies recovered from the desert.

There is only one real way to stop all this murder and craziness and shootings and rape and robbery along our border and that is to station a lot more Border Patrol agents at the border.

The gunmen shouldn’t be out there roaming around shooting at our law enforcement or civilains.

They should not be allowed to even cross our border.

A while back Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano claimed the border was  secure.

Not !!!!

How many dead ranchers and Border Patrol agents will it take to get the US government to really secure our border?


Janet Napolitano is reportedly going to be in Nogales on Thursday. Leo Banks, in his article “Smugglers Paradise”  in the Tucson Weekly suggested Napolitano go out into the borderlands…with an armed guard.


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