The lost border part 2

Once Americans could experience first hand all the contrasts and contradictions that is Mexico. We could even learn some Spanish. We gained an appreciation that our way wasn’t the only way to live in the world.

Now that opportunity is fenced and gated and guarded and way more dangerous (it seems) than just trying to sneak a string of firecrackers back to Tucson.

I miss going to Rocky Point. I miss hanging out with the Seri Indians. I miss going to bi-national conferences where the US and Mexican delegations would argue past each other for hours about how to better improve trade between the two countries.

A lot of international governmental relations activities have been frustrated because many US officials are not even allowed to cross the border to meet their Mexican counterparts due to the threat of violence.

And then I hear a story from a produce importer about taking some of his business partners south and getting “detained” by guys wearing masks and carrying automatic weapons. One can be sure those business partners will never set foot into Mexico again.

I have no idea what Mexico can do to stop the drug cartel violence. They make a good point the whole mess is fueled by the money made by selling Mexican drugs to US drug users.

We’ve lost the border because millions of Americans use illegal drugs imported illegally from Mexico.

How ironic.

I hope a lot of the 60’s people who got a kick out of smuggling firecrackers or extra booze or whatever into the US now realize the unintended consequences of their taking liberty with the laws of both countries.

If we really want to do something to stop the violence in Mexico, we need to crack down hard on drug use in the US.

In a culture which has ads for this drug or that to solve this or that problem every night on the network news, we are a drug addicted society (legal and otherwise) with a long and hard road to go to change this situation.

Muy triste.


About Hugh Holub

Attorney and writer.
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