What if a state said “welcome” to immigrants?

One of the interesting aspects of the American experiment is the diversity of how to deal with issues manifested by our 50 states. We have 50 separate laboratories experiementing on solving problems.

Recent examples include Massachusetts health care system and California’s tough environmental laws related to global warmning.

Many things that became national law and standards started with states trying to deal with problems.

Folks see other states copying Arizona’s SB 1070 approach to the immigration issue. Arizona is supposedly trying to “lead the way” for other states.

Interestingly, anecdotal evidence is suggesting that the effort to scare people into leaving Arizona is working…but instead of going back to Mexico, they’re leaving Maricopa County and going to other US states that are not as xenophobic as Arizona.

Remember, there are 50 states, and maybe not every one of them harbors fear of immigrants.

What if one of our states decided that their economy could be jump started by creating a positive climate for immigrants. In effect saying “come on down” and make their state the beacon of freedom and prosperity….sort of like America did when it was created.

Imagine a state inviting immigrants to live and work in their jurisdiction.

A lot of cities and states have been losing population. Take Michigan for example. What if that state said “come up here” and invited all those folks to move to Detriot that Arizona doesn’t want?

Just think of the home construction boom that would be sparked if a half million people decided to leave Maricopa County and move to Michigan? All those vacant lots in Detroit would get new homes.

It is ironic that Arizona, whose economy is suffering in large part from a crash on our home building industry, wants to drive a half million people out of our state and create even more vacant homes and apartments to further depress our economy.


About Hugh Holub

Attorney and writer.
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