What to do about drug cartel “spotters” on the US side of the border?

Rynski reports in her blog that  a “spotter” was caught living in a cave up in Silverbell’s Sawtooth Mountains, according to a news release from the Pinal County Sheriff’s Department. This is northwest of Marana.

This is another example of the sophistication of the people and drug smuggling operation.

The drug smuglers and the people smugglers (sometimes the same organizations) station people along smuggling routes with radios and sat phones, so they can report on Border Patrol movements and guide the illegal immigrants and/or drugs around the BP locations.

Ranchers near the border have reported drug cartel spotters on mountaintops in the area for a while.

Folks out in the back country have to go about their lives knowing they are being watched by the cartel.

We have to assume the Border Patrol knows the extent of the spotter system. What with all the eclectronic surveillance, one doubts a rat could move around the area without showing up on a screen somewhere.

A seriously interesting problem is how does one go about chasing the spotters off the mountaintops.

 Of course there are lots of “ideas” about how to get rid of the spotters as noted in the comments to Rynksi’s post.

But when you are charged with really dealing with something like this the first order of business is to not get your guys hurt or killed. Not as easy as some suggest.

Several of us have been trying to figure out how to video document the spotters…without getting shot in the process. Anyone want to loan us a helicopter and fly it over the border areas?

There are way too many instances of Border Patrol agents being fired on out there already.

Thank God none of them have been hurt.

But I fear the day is coming when our side’s luck runs out. At that point SB 1070 will be child’s play to what will be demanded in this state.

Like it or not there will have to be some kind of approach to the cartel drug smuggling activities that looks very military-like…and people will scream about that.

But it is insane to let folks armed with automatic weapons run around the countryside out there. Having cartel spotters sitting in caves or on our mountaintops is flat outrageous.


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