Who will stand up against the racism in Arizona?

Interesting to read the reaction to the concept of deporting Governor Brewer. Is that any more outrageous than folks suggesting deporting the 12 million illegal aliens in the country?

The problem with SB 1070 and the basics of existing immigration law are that (a) it is actually difficult for most people to prove we are citizens if we don’t carry a passport around inside the country, and (b) those suspected of being inside the country illegally do not have the same basic legal rights one has in dealing with basic criminal charges.

In a mass deportation climate, a whole lot of legal Americans would likely get booted out of the country. Do you who distrust government really think the federal government could pull off a mass deportation scheme without making a lot of mistakes?

The climate of racial hostility, demonizing Mexicans, and demanding all sorts of draconian solutions reminds this writer of the Bisbee Deportation of 1917. A vigilante mob rounded up over 1,000 mine workers suspected of belonging to the International Workers of the World union, marched them to the rails, loaded them into box cars, and dumped them in the New Mexico desert.

The comparison of the hostile climate about immigration issue being fostered by Brewer, Pearce and Arpaio to Nazi Germany are, in my mind, absolutely correct.

sheriffjoearpaioVisit the Holocaust Museum in Washington, which is organized chronologically, and as you walk through the first part of the 1930’s, substitute the words “wet back” with the words used to demonize Jews. The National Socialist political party gained power by blaming all of Germany’s problems on the Jewish community, and we all know what happened as a result. I frankly do not see much difference between Arpaio in his brown uniform and his predecessors in Germany.

What is particularly interesting to me is the reality that few Arizonans are directly impacted by undocumented workers. How many of you are willing to go out in the fields in 100 degree weather and chop cotton?Maybe you should signup for Take My Job.

Down here by the border we are very directly impacted by illegal crossing of the border by drug smugglers armed with automatic weapons. That is an extremely serious problem and demands immediate attention by concentrating the Border Patrol at the darned border.

The impact of workers and their families crossing the border is vastly different. We get a lot of litter. We have to deal with crossers who are dehydrated because they don’t realize the hell they are walking into in the borderland deserts. And every time one goes out into the countryside there is the nasty risk of coming across a dead crosser. 

To get a real idea of life on the border please see “Living on the Border“, a film made by Arivaca resident Karl Hoffman.

And yes indeed the cartel has turned to kidnapping workers and using them as drug mules at gunpoint. So are the victims the problem as Governor Brewer suggests? Or is the kidnapping part of that other problem of assault weapon armed thugs operating freely in our borderlands because the United States utterly fails to provide a secure border?

Then there are the “rape trees’” along the border. If women were routinely raped near Tucson or Phoenix I suspect there would be an enormous outcry. But since the victims are undocumented alien women, you who support SB 1070 seem unconcerned about this human rights abomination inside our country. Darfur is right here.

lrg_slovakian-jewsWhen you demonize a group of people and take away their human rights, you allow the worst of human nature to become acceptable. And that is exactly what is going on in Arizona today.

Back to the Holocaust Museum experience. As part of your journey you enter a room with a wall of remembrance for those who stood up against the Nazis. There are very few names on that wall. And that is from the whole world. Few stood up against the effort to first demonize the Jewish population and stop what became genocide of not just Jews, but Gypsies, Catholics, homosexuals and a lot of other people.

We vowed “never again”.

And this time around a lot of people are standing up against the effort to “solve” Arizona’s “problem” with what is absolutely and unequivocally the same crap that over and over again spawns human rights violations and left unstopped, loading people up in railroad cars and sometimes genocide.

We will not let July 29th become Arizona’s version of “krystallnacht”.

Why are you so afraid of us? Why are you so afraid of people who simply want to work and feed their families? Why can’t you agree to some legitimate way for workers to work?

America is great because of our diversity. Why are you afraid of that diversity?

And remember, when they come for you, because someone in power has decided you are also a threat to their control, ask who will be left to stand up for you.

Never again.


About Hugh Holub

Attorney and writer.
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