Why isn’t the border secure?

Alan Bersin, Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection recently said completely sealing the international line is unrealistic.

Monday September 6th I gave a tour of the border to a couple of journalists from the Finnish television network.

Why would Finnish television viewers be interested in the US- Mexico border I asked.

“We have a 1,000 kilometer border with Russia,” Tomi Hinkkanen responded.

Turns out there are a lot of border issues and immigration issues in Europe. Europeans are interested in what the US is doing or not doing about these issues.

As part of the tour we looked at the border in an around Nogales.

Within and immediately adjacent to Nogales the border is obviously secured by fences and a lot of Border Patrol agents stationed at or near the fence. No one is crossing the border where there is both a fence system and Border Patrol agents stationed near the fence.

The Finnish journalists were surprised at how calm and normal things were in Nogales. Life was going on as though there was no border.

“We expected things to be much different given what we see in the media,” Hinkkanen added.

But then we went out west of Nogales on the ZZ Ranch to where the border fence ends.

Border fence looking east towards Nogales


We could see Border Patrol agents off in the distance on hilltops and along the fence. But we were not stopped by the Border Patrol to ask what the heck we were doing at the end of the fence.

The new fence just ends a few miles west of Nogales, and devolves into rails to stop vehicles, and then into 3 strand barbed wire. Anyone can walk across the border without much difficulty.

The Finnish tv guys were puzzled by the scene, asking “why isn’t the Border Patrol here?” and “Why hasn’t the fence been extended?”

They could not get an answer from the Border Patrol, because “Foreign nationals need to be vetted through our Office of International Affairs. This process takes an average of three weeks. “

Border fence west of Nogales...would this stop illegal entry?


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