America’s 51st state… movement starts to Free Baja Arizona

Baja Arizona started off as a joke in the Frumious Bandersnatch 46 years ago…could this be the first state that started with a joke?

Press Release February 22, 2011:


Start Our State (SOS) has been formally established as a political
committee registered in Pima County. SOS is dedicated to creating
the 51st American state in Southern Arizona, separating us from the
extremists in Phoenix. Our mission is to establish a new state in
Southern Arizona free of the un-American, unconstitutional
machinations of the Phoenix-controlled Arizona legislature and to
restore our region’s credibility as a place welcoming to others, open
to commerce, and friendly to its neighbors. Our first and immediate
goal is to place a referendum before the voters of Pima County on the
2012 ballot on the question of statehood.

We welcome other Arizona counties that wish to join this effort. In the
meantime, we shouldn’t forget that, with a population of 1,020,200
(2009), Pima County has more people than Montana, Delaware,
North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska, Vermont, and Wyoming. With
an area of 9,189 square miles, Pima County is bigger than Vermont,
New Hampshire, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, and Rhode
Island. There is legal precedent for the separation of a portion of an
existing state from the original state in order to form a new one. In
1820, Maine split off from Massachusetts and was admitted to the
Union as the 23rd state.

SOS Co-chairs: Paul Eckerstrom, Peter Hormel
SOS Treasurer: David Euchner

See  Facebook page: Save our state

Resulting news:

Poll finds secession sentiment strong in Baja Arizona

Secession from Arizona pushed…Amendment would have allowed Pima County to form its own state

Could Baja Arizona be 51st state in US?  Arizona Daily Star February 24, 2011

Arizona Republic: Southern Arizona residents want to create new state: Baja Arizona

KTAR (Phx tv station) Baja Arizona? — Supporters insist the time has come

KPHO Phoenix Southern Arizona Man Fights To Form New State

KMSB Fox 11Tucson tv station Tucson group wants to secede from Arizona

KOLD tv Tucson  Baja Arizona: America’s 51st state?

KGUN 9 Tucson Splitting AZ: Support grows for 51st state

New York Times February 24, 2011 Arizona Lawmakers Push New Round of Immigration Restrictions

….Opponents said the changes were a drastic rewriting of the core values of the country. In Tucson, a community group was so enraged by what it called the extremist nature of the proposals from Phoenix that it proposed severing the state in two, creating what some call Baja Arizona.


Blog comments:

To Secede or Not To Secede — That Is the Arizona Question

 Is Baja Arizona really much better? A look at the numbers


Slate: Arizonans Want To Secede From Arizona 

A group of Arizona residents are getting serious about creating a breakaway state—but it’s not the U.S. they want to escape from, it’s Arizona. The Arizona Star reports that a committee of Democrats in the southern part of the state says the conservatives who run things in Phoenix don’t represent them or their values. “Every bill we’ve heard about here is either anti-abortion laws or anti-Mexican laws,” Start Our State‘s Paul Eckerstrom said. “These are not laws that are geared toward solving the real problems that we have,” problems he thinks southern Arizonans ought to take a crack at solving themselves. His group is working to get secession on the ballot in 2012, and he insists the effort is “not a ploy and not merely a political statement.” If the secessionists succeed, a section of Pima County (with an area of 9,186 square miles and population of more than 1 million) would become Baja Arizona, the nation’s 51st state. But the Associated Press warns that there are “daunting hurdles”: “they must first get on the ballot, then get approval from the Legislature or from state voters to allow the exodus. A new state constitution would have to be approved, plus they’d have to get the OK from Congress and the president.”

NPR Blog: AZ Lawmaker Says State’s So Embarrassing, Her County May Secede

by Frank James

I pass this one along for your amusement.

After the Republican-controlled Arizona Senate passed a bill to let the state nullify any federal laws it didn’t agree with (I know, I know. The senators did this despite the U.S. Constitution’s “supremacy clause”) a Democratic lawmaker said her county might need to secede for the sake of its dignity.

Sen. Paula Aboud, D-Tucson, chose not to try to block SB 1433 which has strong Republican support, including that of Senate President Russell Pearce. Instead, she sought to amend it to say that the moment this law takes effect, the Pima County Board of Supervisors “may act to have the county secede from the jurisdiction of this state.”

Aboud said Pima County residents really do want to remain part of Arizona.

“But we don’t want to be part of this state that continues to embarrass Arizona,” she said. “The point is, our business community is hurting because of the reactions brought upon by this body.”

From the East Valley Tribune:

Tom Prezelski: I was talking about Baja Arizona…

Comment: The whole reason new political jurisdictions…nations and states… are created  as well as revolutions started… is to make sure folks have a say in their governments.

If the  original American Revolution was triggered by the colonial people feeling they didn’t have a say in the government from London….the movement to create Baja Arizona is another in a long history of people wanting not to have their lives run by people with very different values and agendas who live somehere else.

What is Pima County except a colony of Maricopa, where Maricopan priorities and values are being imposed on people down south simply because there are more of them than us?

I hope the SOS leaders are serious…now lets see if Santa Cruz will join the effort….doubt if Cochise or Yuma would be interested….

Previous post on Baja Arizona

See “51st state” in Wikipedia which has interesting info on how to actually create a new state.


UPDATE: Bumper sticker graphics (print your own)…


Baja Arizona first started to be used in 1965 in the Frumious Bandersnatch, a yellow underground satirical newspaper I published…the name to connote a different place from Arizona.

In the 1980’s bumper stickers were printed up (see graphics above) when Ev Mecham was running the state into the ground.

The movement to “free Baja Arizona” started as a joke and a protest to the nuttiness coming out of Maricopa County. The problem is over the decades that nuttiness has grown even crazier, and now has become vicious in its hostility to immigrants. seems..wants to secede from the United States. The idea behind Baja Arizona is the folks down here want to stay a part of the USA.

If nothing else, the statement for a new state tells the rest of America we might be a little crazy ourselves, but we’re not the kind of people who want to jail every illegal immigrant, we find government can be useful, and we are not for  arming every mental patient with an automatic weapon.

The Free Baja Arizona page from the Frumious Bandersnatch:


An enormous mistake was made on December 30, 1853 when the Gadsden Treaty was signed between the United States and Mexico. The northern part of the Mexican state of Sonora, an area located south of the Gila River, was purchased by the United States, and tacked into what became the State of Arizona.The people of the Gadsden Purchase have increasingly chafed under the domination of an enormous population in an around Phoenix (Maricopa County). In order to end the domination of Phoenix, the people of the Gadsden Purchase are seeking statehood. Proclaiming themselves as Baja Arizona, a “state of mind” is acknowledged to exist.

The primary differences between Baja Arizona and the remainder of Arizona are of attitude and tolerance. The people of Baja Arizona are known throughout the southwest for their enlightened view of the world. This is obviously not the case with the passaged of SB 1070 making it illegal to be an illegal in Arizona.

In Baja Arizona people fight for civil rights. In Maricopa County they are jailing immigrants.

In Baja Arizona a major issue is environmental quality. In Maricopa the major concerns are how to harrass Mexicans, and how to gut the budgets of the state university system so we don’t have too many smart people to disagree with Russell Pearce and his buddies in the State Legislature.

In Baja Arizona folks care about health. Up north they have cut off funds for organ transplants…the ultimate “death panel”.

In Baja Arizona we get taxed by Arizona…and little of that money flows back south to us.

If Baja Arizona Became a State imagine…..

The State Motto would be “mas cerveza”.

The State Song would be “Get back” by the Beatles.

The State Animal would be Wiley Coyote.

The State Minstrel is Linda Ronstadt.

Cigarettes would be taxed at the rate of $4.00 per pack to support the new state’s free health care system.

Marijuana might be made legal and taxed to run the state…giving new meaning to “high” taxes. 

There would be no speed limit in Baja Arizona since no one obeys the ones posted now.

Tucson would likely be the capital, creating an economic boom as hordes of lobyyists descended on the town. That might even justify a new hotel in downtown Tucson.

Small government advocates in Baja Arizona suggest the state capitol be in an RV, which would move around from town to town every 6 weeks.

Alta Arizona would no longer have a border with Mexico. Joe Arpaio would have to get an honest job.

Baja Arizona would probably send two Democrats to the US Senate.


The current Arizona state legislature would have to call a special election, and the people of Alta Arizona and Baja Arizona would have to vote in favor of splitting the state. Then Congress would have to approve.

The chances of the people in Maricopa County voting to get rid of the concentration of Democrats to the south, and the people of Baja Arizona voting to sever their ties to the right-wingers to the north are excellent.

The chances in Congress are not so good.

First, there are several proto-states waiting to be created–Puerto Rico, District of Columbia, and Northern California. Baja Arizona is maybe 54th. The other three would probably send Democrats to Congress, as would Baja Arizona. There is no way the Republicans in the US House and Senate would create 4 new Democrat delegations in Congress, just like the South blocked the admission of free states before the Civil War. Like the pre-Civil War period, the only way Baja Arizona gets to be a state is if new Republican dominated states are also admitted. Texas could split into 5 states. Disneyworld could become a state… how do you think we got a North Dakota and a South Dakota, a Virginia and a West Virginia, and a North and South Carolina?

Other statehood movements:


Puerto Rico

Northern Virginia

Long Island

New York City

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula


Washington DC

In addition to nascent statehood movements inside the US, one finds suggestions to add Canada, Sonora and Cuba as new US states.


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