Arizona bill would make Colt revolver state’s official firearm

From the Arizona Republic:

Arizona bill would make Colt revolver state’s official firearm
by Mary Jo Pitzl – Feb. 22, 2011 04:36 PM
The Arizona Republic

Now that Arizona has an official state nickname (“The Grand Canyon State” in case you didn’t know), the Legislature is on track to name an official state firearm.

The weapon of choice: the Colt Single Action Army revolver. It dates from 1873, making it far older than the state, although arguably it was in use during territorial days. It was the standard Army issue until 1892.

Senate Bill 1610 would memorialize the Colt as the official nickname, joining other official symbols such as the cactus blossom as the official state flower and the bolo tie as the official state neckwear.

In a sign of the continuing partisan divide at the Capitol, particularly where gun bills are concerned, SB 1610 had 43 Republican sponsors, but not a single Democrat.

The bill was heard Tuesday by the Senate Appropriations Committee, where a “yes” vote was expected.

If passed into law, Arizona would join Utah, which is on track to make the Browning-designed M1911 its official firearm.

And people wonder….why not the AK 47? Or why Pima County wants its own state….

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