FBI: Friendly fire ruled out in Tucson border agent’s slaying …so which gun fired the bullet that killed Brian Terry?

News from the Daily Star that the FBI has determined that the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was not a “friendly fire” incident.

FBI: Friendly fire ruled out in Tucson border agent’s slaying

Friendly fire was not a factor in the killing of a Border Patrol agent during a shootout in December in a canyon near Nogales, the FBI says.


And in an update to their story, the Star reports

3 of 4 held in agent’s shooting to be deported

The clearing of the three illegal immigrants from Mexico – who are pleading guilty to immigration charges and being set up for deportation this week – leaves one man in custody who was arrested the night of the shootout.


This does not answer the question raised by US Senator Charles Grassley who has alleged 2 guns were found at the scene of Agent Terry’s murder that were bought in a Glendale gun shop and slipped to the border bandits under the nose of ATF agents under Project Gunrunner.

OK FBI…whose gun fired the shot that killed Agent Terry?

And where did the gun come from?

Certainly you know this by now FBI…. why isn’t your agency providing that additional information?

Is Grassley’s claim true?


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