Free Baja Arizona…. America’s 51st state … it’s time maybe has come


An enormous mistake was made on December 30, 1853 when the Gadsden Treaty was signed between the United States and Mexico. The northern part of the Mexican state of Sonora, an area located south of the Gila River, was purchased by the United States, and tacked into what became the State of Arizona.

The people of the Gadsden Purchase have increasingly chafed under the domination of  right wingers from Maricopa County.

The 2010 election only proved how different the people who live north of the Gila River are from those who live south of the river.

The antics of the 2011 legislature have made things even worse. Arizona is in a deep hole while the lesgilature gives tax breaks to corproations, tries to turn undocumented aliens into the number one threat facing the state, increases the expoure of state residents to gun violence, and tries to ban the federal government from doing anything inside the state. Arizona is trying to secede from the United States. The people of Baja Arizona want to remain a art of the US…but not Arizona.

Rumors are that a group has formed to seriously attempt to free Baja Arizona from the crazies up north. An announcement is expected soon about the effort to create America’s 51st state  …  Baja Arizona.

*  *  *  *

The people of Baja Arizona are known throughout the southwest for their enlightened view of the world.

A bill like SB 1070 would never have been passed in a Baja Arizona state legislature. Nor would Baja Arizona waste anynes time trying to eliminate citizenship for people born in our state.

In Baja Arizona people fight for civil rights. In Maricopa County they are trying to  jail immigrants.

In Baja Arizona a major issue is environmental quality. In Maricopa the major concerns are how to harrass Mexicans, and how to gut the budgets of the state university system so they don’t have too many smart people to disagree with  Maricopa County politicians.

Imagine what we could do if we had our own state….

Tucson would likely be the capital, creating an economic boom as hordes of lobbyists descended on the town. That might even justify a new hotel in downtown Tucson.

Alta Arizona would no longer have a border with Mexico. Joe Arpaio would have to find an honest job.

Baja Arizona would probably send two Democrats to the US Senate.

Did you know that more people live in Tucson than the entire state of Wyoming?

Have you ever wondered why there is a North Dakota and a South Dakota? A Virginia and Wet Virgninia? a North Carolina and a South Carolina? It’s been done before.

Originally, what is now Arizona was actually part of the New Mexico Territory until Tubac resident  Charles Poston lobbied to split Arizona off as its own territory.


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