Guns and Mexico … be very afraid my friends

Because I do a lot of articles about border issues I get a lot of interesting stuff via email from my rancher friends who live daily with the danger of Mexican drug cartel goons armed with automatic weapons running around the borderlands.

Here is something you need to pay attention to:

Subject: Fw: This is the highest priority news item I have ever forwarded. PLEASE take 11 minutes of your time and learn.

This video on our border issues is 100% correct and true. I live 45 miles from the border. We see many Border Patrol agents every day. They are catching groups of criminal illegal aliens here every single day and night. They caught 7 on our property last Sunday!

The problem hardly makes national news.

Last year 11 volunteers in 2 hours collected 740 pounds of trash left behind by drug smugglers, it filled a large trailer and was mostly burlap drug load wrappers.

Mexico has some of the toughest gun laws in the world, even possession of a single bullet is jail time or worse. Yet they are hopelessly out gunned by the cartels. Mexico is a failed Narco state and it has been over flowing into the United States.

The video is sponsored by the NRA, member or not, firearm owner or not, join or not…Please watch this and pass it onto everyone you know.

We are far along the path of losing this country and the cartels know it. They have teamed up with middle eastern terrorists to move drugs and people.

Don’t come crying to me when we lose this country…my answer will simply be, I told you so…


Just in case you doubt the Mexican drug cartels are absolute monsters….click here (warning this is a very graphic photo that will keep you awake tonight).

I’d also like to add that I live 20 miles from the border, and spend a lot of time out on ranches right at the border…and Jeff is absolutely right on.  And….one of the “advantages” for terrorists to sneak across the southern border is some of them look a lot like Mexicans and thus “blend in” really well until you interrogate them in Spanish. However…it is also true most of the MidEastern terrorists get into the US on tourist or student visas, fly into NYC and rent cars. Why schlep through the desert and risk your life in the heat when you can fly first class to Kennedy International Airport.


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