The truth about Roger Barnett…another side of the story

Roger Barnett is the Cochise County rancher who was hit with a damage judgment for holding undocumented aliens at gunpoint on his ranch.

The media has portrayed Barnett as an evil person violating the civil rights of undocumented aliens.

But as with all stories…there is another side.

Here is Ed Ashurt’s take on Barnett. Ed is a fellow Cochise County rancher:

The Truth about Roger Barnett

By Ed Ashurst

Cochise County rancher, Roger Barnett, is no stranger to anyone who reads or listens to news stories concerning current events on the Mexican-American border. Even in the midst of international crisis such as: Hosni Muburack’s recent downfall, and the U.S. being on the highest level of terror alert, Roger, of late, has had equal footing on the prime time news shows. Fox News channel’s chief bloviator, Bill O’Reilly, has seen fit to use Mr. Barnett’s recent legal problems to feast upon, salivating over half truths, resulting from poor investigation. O’Reilly should get his siblings, Katie Couric and Chris Mathews, along with Barack and Janet, and they could all mount up on their ego fueled brooms and visit the backwoods of southern Arizona and talk to some of the vigilantes they seem to loathe so much.

Roger was sued by some illegal aliens who claimed he assaulted them on his ranch, which is approximately ten miles west of where Rob Krentz was murdered by an outlaw Mexican last March. Roger and Rob were friends. Lawyers for the plaintiffs called Roger Barnett a vigilante and the case went before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Dec. 8, 2010. Finally on Feb. 4th the court announced their unpublished verdict ruling against Mr. Barnett.

In the fifteen years that Roger has owned the ranch on Silver Creek east of Douglas, AZ he has documented and called the Border Patrol requesting that they apprehend no less than 14,000 individual illegal aliens. The Border Patrol itself estimates that the aliens they apprehend are a mere faction of the total number that go north to parts unknown. The total tonnage of illegal drugs that have crossed Roger’s ranch in fifteen years would be a minimum of 6oo tons and that is a conservative estimate. In the wake of this, several hundred thousand pounds of trash in the form of backpacks, blankets, dirty underwear, water jugs, toothbrushes and used condoms have been left behind. Perhaps we should mention numerous dead bodies, victims of some coyote who took their victims last $1500.00 as payment for guiding them north to safety, only to be abandoned before that golden shore was reached.

I know many individuals who have seen outlaw aliens packing assault rifles and automatic pistols north onto American soil. Numerous outlaw Mexicans have been filmed with hidden game cameras packing weapons. I know of no neighbor of Roger Barnett’s who believes that Roger assaulted any aliens. The only illegal immigrant I’ve ever seen physically assaulted received the intentional blow from a female Border Patrol officer who applied the bottom of her combat boot to the north end of a south bound alien as she was loading him in her truck. This happened at Apache directly across from the Apache Elementary School.

Approximately a year and a half ago the company I work for was contacted by a local politician. He expressed hope that we (my employer) would be interested in buying Roger’s state grazing lease (at way below market value). He was assisting a well known political activist group that had been harassing Roger for quite some time. Together they were using false accusations and trumped up charges in hopes they could convince the State Land Dept. to revoke Roger’s grazing lease. This would accomplish two things: Roger would be summarily punished for crimes they supposed he had committed, and it would also get Roger out of the way of one of Arizona’s most profitable smuggling routes.

Roger’s greatest fault was becoming a high profile deterrent to the traffic headed north. His patrolling of his ranch could easily be seen from the highway. The truth is, he isn’t guilty of anything that isn’t practiced by ranchers on the border on a regular basis. He believes his property and rights are worth protecting, and he has had the courage to fight back.

The bogus claims of human rights violations and physical abuse are a mere smoke screen ignited by activist groups and professional protesters who advocate an open border and view our national sovereignty as something to be despised. The real fuel for the inferno, however, comes from the powers that be who are reaping huge profits off the unregulated commerce the flows both north and south. This stream carries amazing wealth and is mixed with blood and the heavy players in this game want everyone who opposes it to gaze upon the stream and be intimidated. It’s all about the money, and the maintenance of the status quo is essential in assuring them that the profits of the future remain as high as those of the past.

Roger Barnett made the mistake of buying a cattle ranch that is situated at the very apex of illegal traffic headed north. The place called Silver Creek is the busiest thoroughfare for illegal aliens and drug trafficking on the entire Mexican border and Silver Creek flows right down the middle of Roger Barnett’s ranch. Damn the luck anyway! When you own property in this area you are supposed to look the other way. Roger hasn’t. Roger has been visited by the FBI on four separate occasions. They have informed him that they have intelligence that he is a marked man.

Media superstars like Katie Couric or Chris Mathews wouldn’t soil themselves with a story like this, that might be cross grained to their progressive agenda, but actually there is a great deal of information available to anyone who wants to do a little research. Get on the internet and Google racketeering and money laundering in Douglas, AZ. Google underground tunnels that come from Mexico to warehouses in Douglas that are owned by local politicians. You can research and find articles written about indictments against local politicians that were stopped by one phone call from a U.S. Senator who happened to be a Democrat. Articles have been written in the New York Times, San Antonio Business Journal and other publications by authors such as Sam Dillon, Bill Conroy, Jesse Mathewson, Luke Ford and others. Go to You Tube and pull up a video titled Criminal Aliens Mexico recently posted by NRAIS 1 or numerous other videos under the title of Hidden Cameras on the Border. Read the book God’s Middle Finger by Rickard Grant. Overlook the vulgar language and digest this real account of the culture of “mordido” and fatalistic worldview of modern lawless Mexico, especially the facts in chapter 9. The progressive ideologues such as Obama and Napolitano refuse to recognize the economics and politics of mordido that now rule border towns such as Douglas, AZ. Though they wear a different dress and have a different flavor they are really no different than the gangster politics of Chicago.

Plumbers have an old saying, “feces flows downhill,” and there is currently a pipeline transporting the aforementioned commodity whose headwaters are in Washington D.C. in the vicinity of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and ends east of Douglas at a place called Black Draw. The deliberate deposit of this filth is to cover up the tracks of the outlaw who killed Rob Krentz and the newer tracks of others that continue to go north along the same trail. In Spite of this deliberate cover-up the tracks are still there forever embedded in the minds of people like myself who have to live daily with the outlaws going north and the stench of Washington politics flowing south. These outlaws are familiar with the trails on Roger’s place also. The Black Draw and Silver Creek come together a short distance south of the Mexican line. When you reach the confluence of these two drainages you are home free, if you desire to reside in a place where the last vestiges of law and order have been destroyed.

At one time America was a beacon of light drawing people upward to a higher standard. Our constitution, being the standard that held the bar high so people could strive to climb out of the pit of mediocrity that so easily besets all mankind. Now we have leaders who go round the world apologizing for our own excellence, all too eager to use its own citizens (like Roger Barnett) as sacrifices before the world court.

Our leaders think our sovereignty and borders are something to be despised and have lowered our standards, and we like sheep to the slaughter are following them downward to a lower level. The beacon all but snuffed out, we wander around in a state of confusion not being sure who we are anymore. At some future time when history judges the anarchy that is now spilling forth, overflowing from the revolution taking place to the south, people like Roger Barnett will not receive the blame for it.

Ed Ashurst

Apache, Arizona

I can speak from first-hand experience about the situation in our borderlands and on the ranches in Santa Cruz County.

We are also being overrun with people illegally entering the country and especially by drug cartel smugglers aremed with atomatic weapons.

There are gaping holes in the border through which the illegal flow of drugs and people continues in spite of repeated calls for action to secre the border at the border.

I’ve given media and documentary filmmakers tours of the borderlands and introduced them to our ranchers.

It is duly noted that…at least on the ranches in Santa Cruz County…a lot of humanitarian activities have been done by ranchers.

It surprises people to see all the drinking water fountains in the canyons on these ranches so immigrants won’t die of thirst.

It surprises people to see the “side step”gates put into fence lines so people can pass through without cutting fences.

It surprises people to hear the ranchers call for not only more Border Patrol at the border but  they also call for  meaningful reform of our immigration laws to allow people who want to work in the US to come above-ground.

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