Where do the guns come from that are used by the Mexican drug cartels?

Some groups claims 90% of the weapons in the hands of the Mexican drug cartels came from US gun shops…as part of their campaign to regulate guns in the US.

While I’d like to see military and police type semi-automatics restricted in sales to people with some serious training in their use …. attempting to achieve new gun laws using false data is flat wrong.

And this clouds the real issue of the huge amount of firepower (Class 3 weapons)  being assembled by the drug cartels down south from sources other than US gun shops.

However, there is a lot of data that says this is not true.

Pentagon Fingered as a Source of Narco-Firepower in Mexico

And in a comment to that article the following  was submitted by lynn kartchner :

To all. I am in the business legally. Over 10 years, 18 weapons legally purchased from me (9 of them semi-auto AK-47′s), turned up in Mexico. I provided the trace data, and now 3 of my best former clients are federal felons. The system works. The reason 93 percent of the weapons Mexico traces come from the U. S. is that they only trace the weapons they know come from the U. S. They do not trace the thousands of weapons bought by Mexico for their troops, who desert in the thousands, taking their weapons with them. Facts. No Class 1 gun dealer has access to the class 3 things the Mexican Gov’t and the Narcos can buy from the world market. Think Korea.

If that doesn’t refute the claim, I don’t know what will.

And by the way…what’s a semi-auto AK 47 selling for these days in Arizona?


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