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Highway robbery federal style …how US Fish & Wildlife gets funds to study bats because US Customs and Border Protection built a fence on the border

There was an article about how US Customs and Border Protection agreed to give $50 million to US Fish and Wildlife (an agency within the US Department of Interior), for studies about wildlife on the border.  An initial $6.8 million … Continue reading

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Colorado River water crunch coming

News in the Arizona Republic that Lake Mead is nearing its lowest level since 1956. Further reductions in the lake’s level may trigger reductions in shares of the Colorado River to Arizona. Some observations from a life-long career in water … Continue reading

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100 years of copper mining industry abuse alienates public

Copper mining was one of the famous “:5 c’s” of Arizona’s economy, along with cotton, cattle, climate and citrus. Depending on how you look at things, Arizona was blessed or cursed with a lot of copper deposits. Copper has grown … Continue reading

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Wildcat subdivisions a major problem in Baja Arizona

Major public service and land use problem are growing like a cancer in southern Pima County and other areas of the state. Called ”wildcat subdivisions” these land “developments” evade virtually all subdivision requirements due to an exemption in state law … Continue reading

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Diversity of climate is one of the many special things about Tucson

One of the really cool things about Tucson is how much climate and biological diversity one can experience within an hour or two’s drive from the city. Most everyone is aware we are in the Sonoran Desert. The Sonoran is … Continue reading

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