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What is the “original intent” of the US Constitution?

With the recent US Senate hearings on the confirmation of newly appointed US Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, there is much discussion about the “original intent” of those who wrote our Constitution. For example, did the guys who wrote our … Continue reading

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100 years of copper mining industry abuse alienates public

Copper mining was one of the famous “:5 c’s” of Arizona’s economy, along with cotton, cattle, climate and citrus. Depending on how you look at things, Arizona was blessed or cursed with a lot of copper deposits. Copper has grown … Continue reading

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Wildcat subdivisions a major problem in Baja Arizona

Major public service and land use problem are growing like a cancer in southern Pima County and other areas of the state. Called ”wildcat subdivisions” these land “developments” evade virtually all subdivision requirements due to an exemption in state law … Continue reading

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Tucson as a creative center

Tucson is a lot more than the next real estate development, the next fight about saving this or that place, and the next fight within the local business community about who isn’t doing enough to improve the economy. All the … Continue reading

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What does “no amnesty” really mean?

Part of the debate about what to do with the 12 million or so illegal aliens in the country is that there should not be any amnesty for them. Short of deporting 12 million people [1], how are we going … Continue reading

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