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Why the Cowboy Code Is Not Frivolous

A good friend Patrick Dorinson has a blog on  where he talks about stuff like values. One of his recurring themes is the Code of the West or the Cowboy Code. A good reminder…please read his article… Why the … Continue reading

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Humorous look at how to spot an illegal alien

Much advice is floating around about how local police will be able to spot an illegal alien in Arizona in compliance with SB 1070 without committing the act of racial profiling. The following is a tongue-in-cheek approach to this issue: … Continue reading

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Humorous tips for living in or visiting Arizona if and when SB 1070 takes effect

In the wake of Arizona adopting the most draconian state immigration law in the nation (SB 1070), where local police can check to see if you are legally in the state, residents and tourists alike are wondering, “what do we … Continue reading

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New idea for baby boomer seniors – rock ‘n roll retirement homes [humor]

America’s first rock ‘n roll retirement home should be built in Green Valley, Arizona. It should be called the Oldies But Goodies Retirement Home. Given the demographics of the country  it only makes sense to cater to the incoming Baby … Continue reading

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Santa Cruz Sand Trout endangered

Global warming may threaten the Santa Cruz Sand Trout if Baja Arizona gets more rain and our rivers start flowing again. Some background on the Sand Trout from the Frumious Bandersnatch: As the last Ice Age ended and the climate … Continue reading

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What is “Baja Arizona”?

Primarily Baja Arizona is a state of mind. It isn’t really an official US state, though the crazier the state legislature gets, who knows? The Free Baja Arizona movement was started back in the 1980’s as a joke in response … Continue reading

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