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Invite the Tohono O’odham to develop a downtown hotel and casino

There’s just something about the whole Rio Nuevo project that just…. Maybe it is time to dump the whole deal and start with a really new idea to get a new hotel downtown and jump start its heart. How about … Continue reading

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Santa Cruz Sand Trout endangered

Global warming may threaten the Santa Cruz Sand Trout if Baja Arizona gets more rain and our rivers start flowing again. Some background on the Sand Trout from the Frumious Bandersnatch: As the last Ice Age ended and the climate … Continue reading

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Introduction to the View From Baja Arizona

Welcome to The View From Baja Arizona, a new blog on Word Press. A little background on who I am and where I’ll be coming from in this blog. I have a long family history in Tucson going back to … Continue reading

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